Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Review for You!

I promise you I do other things besides review products! I also homeschool my two girls. I may post about that sometime. But, for now, I have another item that I wanted to tell you about that I was sent for free to review. It's an armband extender.




I know, right? Totally exciting!

Ok, maybe not real exciting, but it is a handy little item to have! I got an armband cellphone holder (also through a review offer) a few weeks ago. However, when I wore it, it felt like I was losing all circulation in my arm.


So, I put that little puppy up and away. Then, I received this offer and thought I'd give it a try again. Well, this has made a big difference in how the armband fits! It is so much more comfortable now! The extender is made of the same material as my original armband, although they are from two different companies. There were no directions on the box, so I wasn't crazy about that. But, it's not a complicated product to figure out (you know, after you do it the wrong way two times.....)

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