Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Long Time No Post!

Wow, it was October when I posted??? Goodness!

Well, the other day, Armnida had a Famous African American Wax Museum at her school. Each kid in her class had to pick a famous African American to be. Then, they dressed as the character and stood out in the hall at school. People would then come and press the "buttnon" on their hands and the kids gave a short speach about the person. It was really a lot of fun! Arminda chose Serena Williams. I made her a skirt using CarlaC's Perfectly Preppy skirt pattern, available on http://www.youcanmakethis.com/ and Carla's raglan t-shirt pattern. Ok, I actually made the t-shirt earlier in the year for something else, but I did make it.


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I hadn't seen this skirt..how cute is that!!!! Teresa, I just stopped by to thank you for your contribution to our tunic launch..a dream come true for me...now I must go see this great skirt!! blessings, jennifer

Heather said...

I never knew she did this! See what I've been missing out on by not knowing about your blog? How cute!