Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dot&Dot - Baby Stroller Attachable Organizer - Diaper and Bottle Tote Bag - Specially Designed Bag to Attach To Strollers, Walkers and Car Seats to Lighten Your Load While Out and About With Your Baby This thing is pretty nifty. Now, I know, you may be saying "but, my kids are big, I don't have a stroller. I don't need a stroller gadget!" Well, I felt the same way until I realized that this nifty little thing works great to hang on the back of the seat in the car. The kids or adults can then put their drinks in it as well as other items in the other pockets. It keeps it all neat and handy right there! And, the cup holders keep the drinks cold! Well, a little bit anyway, better than just having them out. And, if you want, you can also hang this on the back of a stroller. I received this for free for review purposes. This is my honest experience with this product.

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